New dedicated site for my scans

Retro Commodore - Site for scansI’m doing a lot of scanning related to retro Commodore stuff. I’ve created a new site for this which can be found at For now it contains Magazines, but at a later point, programs and games scans will be added there too.

Since this site is dedicated Commodore, there are other sites for magazines and scans you can visit.


  • for all kinds of computer/console magazines, if you see some missing which you have yourself, please contact Kiwi by leaving a comment.
  • for Amiga scans, pick a game and you can find some under games (still a lot of scans are needed, so please contribute if you have any)
  • for all kinds of Commodore scans, look in each console menu, and download sections

I’ve received a lot of contributions of magazines, so this project will take quite a long time. I’ve set myself a target: atleast 1 new magazine will be added each week. I can do more but this depends on the scan results, how much work they need i.e. rotate, crop and white balancing.

More about scanning tips/graphics.


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